Thursday, December 14, 2017

Moving the world

Jackie Roberson was the Vice President Director of Personnel. He made $40,000 a year. Jackie traveled around going to stores talking to employees and most of them was black. When Jackie Roberson retired his wife, Rachel, went back to college. Rachel Roberson earned her master's degree in psychological nursing. Jackie was a spokeman for the blacks. Jackie and Martin Luker King Jr. was friends at this time. Civil rights movement was staring to grow. Jackie Roberson critcized how slow they were take to inegrate to schools. In 1954 the US Supreme Court ruled a case the Brown v. the Board of Education. The Court ruled that the schoole that where getting the blacks and whites apart was not give them fair education and then unconstitutional. Beside Jackie being a legend, a civil rights pioneer, and motavator speaker; he did a radio show weekly and also wrote a colum three times a week. Jackie Robinson wrote about politics, baseball,international affairs, and the upcoming Presidential race between Senator John F. Kennedy abnd Vice President Richard Nixon. Dr. Martin Luker King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) ran a full-page ad in The New York Times on March 29, 1960. Jackie Roberson made sure that his name was added to the list of the celebrities and political leaders. Roberson was considered a conservative at a time when most african americans were liberal Democrats. Jackie travled the world speaking on the behalf of the blacks and jews. The summer of 1962 Jackie Roberson was put in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The best about that is that it was his first time being eligibility. October 24, 1972 the legend, civil rights pioneer, motavator speaker and  radio show host Jackie Roberson passed. All the thing Jackie Roberson and the other fellow civil right movers did for the world and how much they change piece by piece.

Friday, December 1, 2017

We Will Make It

 When Jackie went at UCLA  he went to  play baseball but when he got  at UCLA he also played basketball, football, and track. After being at in college Jackie Roberson went to the military. When Jackie was in the military he played sports here too. One night well Jackie was on the bus sitting to a white woman but that wan't the problem. The problem was that a light skinned woman come on the bus and they wanted Jackie to move but he didn't want to, so that cause an altercation. So after being in the military for a good amount of time. In 1945 Jackie became a basketball coach at Sam Houston College. Sam Houston College is a small all black school in Texas. Jackie Roberson played for the Negro Leagues. The team Roberson played for was the Kansas City Monarchs. They payed Jackie $400 a month. A writer wanted Jackie to join to other black baseball players to tryout for the Boston Red Sox. When they went to the tryouts, they hear that the tryouts has been postponed and they hear that for four days straight. There has been not Negros in the major leagues until Branch Rickey wanted Jackie Roberson to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie's first year in as a Dodger he .297 hits according to History Channel. Jackie face racism the first year before he got respect from his peers and other baseball players. But he made it through it all and is still one of the greatest in baseball history.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Everything will be ok

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo,Georgia. The only people he lived with was his mother (Mallie Robinson) and his four sibling (Edgar,Frank,Mack, and Willa Mae). Jackie was the youngest out of all the sibling. Robinson's family was poor, when he was a kid they moved in with a family member but it didn't work out because it was a little amount of space for a lot of people. So Mallie and her children moved into their own house. For them to keep the house Jackie's mother had to find a job and that was hard to do because she was a black woman. Since Jackie was young he went to school with Willa Mae but Jackie didn't go in he just stayed outside and played in the sandbox. One day Willa Mae's teacher said that Jackie couldn't go to school with not more but Jackie's mother begged the teacher to let Jackie go and the teacher allowed it. When Jackie was old enough to go to school he was known for playing sports very good.  When he would play outside with some of the children he knew, all the kids wanted him on his team.  Jackie's brother Mack made it to 1936 Olympics the made second place to Jesse Owens which who won the gold medal. When Jackie was in high school he played basketball, football, baseball and he even did track like his brother Mack. Jackie Robinson was a high school all-star he was good at everything he played even at golf and tennis. Being good at everything didn't earn him a scholarship to a big name college but it got him into a junior college and the school was Pasadena. At Pasadena Jackie played the some sports he did in high school. Jackie's broad jump was 25 feet,6 1/2 inches in college. When it was time for to play baseball he stole 25 bases in just 24 games and he hit .417 and also got names the Most Valuable Junior College Player in Southern California. Having the season Jackie scouts form major universities where there to watch him play. In 1939 Jackie Robinson went to UCLA because he wanted to stay in his home town. Right now everything is look up Jackie he start off rough and right now it is going smooth.

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